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A community dedicated to the creation, appreciation and promotion of art. If you have yet to create your FREE account on easelspace, please use our signup page or the twitter connect tool to create your FREE account

Benefits of being a member of Easl Space

With the advent of facebook and social networking, being on ES should be seen as another shop window for your work

  • Artistic Success = Peer Recognition + Personal Achievement + Sales = easelspace.com
  • Peer Recognition - Through showing your work on here, you can get to meet like minded artists, create groups and share opinions, helping to build peer recognition.
  • Personal Achievement - There can be no greater sense of achievement the day someone pays for your work. Even if you don't currently enjoy many sales, or any sales at all, you have to believe that someday you will. You are a professional. You deserve to be paid for your work. Period.
  • Sales - easelspace.com allows you to link back almost everywhere to your own website or sites like faa and help drive your sales.
  • Search engines really like content and changing content even better. By regular posting of art work (little and often therefore is more effective than many at once), by commenting on your own postings and those of others, and generally by active participation in groups, discussions and forums. This behaviour results in a win/win situation for all of us, the higher we are on the search engines the more users get to see your work."

How Much Does it Cost

Easel Space community is absolutely free. We are supported by partner sites

There is a small charge for the themed galleries